Enjoying a Hump Day beer? Get connected

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Enjoying a Hump Day beer? Get connected with us on Untappd

Which is your favorite?

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Which is your favorite?

7th Anniversary Ale

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7th Anniversary Ale

High Level Brewluminati activity

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Brewluminati Activity

We have some high level Brewluminati activity on the horizon this weekend:

  1. At the Independence Brewing 7th Anniversary Party from 4-8pm there will be a Brewluminati tent featuring 6 different Brewluminati beers from this year.  http://www.independencebrewing.com/events/event/independence-brewing-7th-anniversary/
  2. Gypsy Picnic—Wander through the endless sea of traveling food purveyors and do it with the Brewluminati Braggot in hand.   600lbs of locally sourced honey went into the batch to produce a dry and delicious drink.  Show your support for locally brewed beer!
Get out there and get it before its too late!

Cask Sighting

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There’s one last chance to get a taste of our All Seeing (Eye) PA, and its Thursday September 16th. We know its intimidating and down right mysterious, but now is the time to face your fears. We have one last cask of this concealed brew for the year and we’re going to be serving it up at The Flying Saucer in Austin. To ease your nerves a bit, the perfectly balanced Imperial IPA contains 6 hop varietals and 6 hop additions that together with barley, wheat, and oats creates a flavor that will leave you in awe. The event starts at 6pm but last time the cask was emptied in under an hour, so show up early. Fulfill your curiosity by coming out to The Flying Saucer Cask Night but beware… the All Seeing (Eye) PA is watching you.



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Its on the streets!

The Myth of the IPA

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Here is a version of the perpetuated myth of the IPA.  Like any myth the more its repeated the more widely accepted it becomes:
During the late 18th and 19th century India was a colony of the English. England had many sailors and colonists there who needed ales, as ales were a staple of their diets. The temperature in India was too hot to brew beer, so it had to be shipped into the colony from England. Temperature fluctuations and rough seas on the journey from London to India, proved to be too much for traditional English ales and porters to withstand. They would often arrive to India flat and sour. Another problem was the traditional dark ales and porters from England which were well suited for the climate of London, were not very desirable to the folks of the Indian sub-continent region. Hot and humid did not mix well with the dark ales of the home country and as a result of the combination of spoilage and taste preference, a brewer by the name of George Hodgson started experimenting with malts and hops to create a beer that was lighter in body to suit the hot climate and bitter in taste to fight off spoilage. Hodgson was successful in his endeavor and had the market in India cornered for nearly 30 years, but he was a greedy SOB and eventually his business practices lost favor with the merchants of India. Around the time Hodgson was loosing favor, another English brewer, Samuel Allsopp started sending his version of an IPA to India, which the locals actually preferred to Hodgson’s version. Allsopp’s beers exceeded the clarity, hopping rate, and marketability of Hodgson’s.
For national IPA day the Brewluminati challenges you to enlighten yourself.  Open your All Seeing (Eye) PA


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Lauren won tickets to BB King by deciphering all the clues and submitting her photos!

Don’t Blink

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See the light

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Have some inside info on something big on the horizon.  Woke up to a knock at the door and found this picture:

And a photocopy of a document from a large beer manufacturer that says:

“Our Message:

Get a job and go to work.  Fall in line and cash your check.  Spend your hard earned dollars on the cheapest swill you can find.  Your thoughts are not your own, we will tell you what taste is.  Listen only to beautiful women, our beautiful women.  Don’t try new things as it never works out.  Follow.  Follow.  Never Lead.  Follow.