Beerginnings: An Ancient Past

In the beginning there was beer and it was good.  But there were those that wish to keep beer from man and so it was decided that beer needed a guardian.  This steward of malt, keeper of yeast, harbor for hops – Brewluminati.

Long before Egypt, Osiris brewed beer in the field of reed and bestowed the gift among the people on Earth, beginning with the Summerians.   His wife Isis, matron of nature and magic, created yeast.

Over the course of history beer has been trammeled with impurities by those who wish to destroy the art of Osiris and Isis.  But there is hope for thirsty wanderers.  Osiris keeps a watchful eye while Isis, reborn as Sirius the “burning star,” guides thirsty souls.

Follow the “burning star.”


Osiris's eye

Follow the Burning Star





~ by brewluminati on February 8, 2011.

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