In the beginning…

The Alulu Tablet, a Sumerian receipt for “best” ale written in Cuneiform, suggests that even in 2050 BC there was a differentiation between at least two different types or qualities of ale.  Approximately 500 years later the Hittites had over 15 different types of beer.

Various documents have been revealed over the course of history that have shown that our ancestors were brewing hundreds of different types and styles of beer since the its beginning in ancient Sumeria. Today, with the advent of modern brewing, we are able to produce an endless number of styles and even replicate long lost beer recipes. It truly is the best time to be a beer drinker.

However, there is one HUGE problem. With all of the styles available for the modern beer drinker, the overwhelming majority are still more than satisfied with the same watered down, yellow beer that has been mass marketed and mass produced. This style is the American Lager is known for its “light” color and “crisp” taste.

The Brewluminati with the assistance of Independence Brewing Co. are setting out to prove that not all beers are created equal.  Once a month Independence Brewing Co. will release a single batch, draught only brew.  They are not attempting to convert the faceless mass of lite beer drinkers into craft beer enthusiasts but instead are rewarding the ones who have seen the “lite” and politely refuse.


~ by brewluminati on March 25, 2011.

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