Here are your clues!  Try to get these shots as best you can with your face somewhere in them!  Good luck!

Clue 1

Everything is bigger in Texas, even the tip top of this dome. While it appears to be mostly pink granite, its mostly limestone from Convict Hill.

Clue 2

While you may hear a bark, you probably won’t hear a quack, just a bunch of great beer down “river” of MLK.

Clue 3

You might be looking to get outta the sun and into some “Shade”.  Or you may be looking to get unplugged, we suggest you grab an Independence brew and enjoy the patio.

Clue 4

Across the street from a big park, nestled away from plain view.  Gaze into the Coi pond and you may think you are turning Japanese, but the reflection of the Austin skyline will remind you youre at home.

Clue 5

Despite its name it doesn’t always “Rain” on this street.  With an outdoor patio that is sure to keep you as cool as the bars name.  If you get hungry on your journey the trailers next door will happily deliver.

Clue 6

It’s one of the greatest gatherings of influential Texans in town. We need you to find one man, it’s of “grave” concern.  Though you won’t be able to share a pint of our Amber with him, it does bear his name.


~ by brewluminati on June 13, 2011.

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