Brewluminati Sightings Linked to Independence Brewing Co.

Austin, TX   – Austin’s own Independence Brewing Co.  has released a unique Single Malt-Single Hop brew, the latest from their limited Brewluminati Series, called Gold Deluxe.  Developed by Brewer Michael Waters, the deceivingly simplistic craft beer features Maris Otter malt and the exotic Sorachi Ace hop. Available on draught at popular tap bars in Austin and Houston, Brewluminati sitings are documented at

The limited Brewluminati series from Independence Brewing Co. is shrouded in secrecy.   The Austin brewery is only willing to reveal that they brew a different ale on a monthly basis, in very limited quantity. The notion of traditional beer styles takes a back seat to the Austin brewery’s “no holds barred” approach to brewing. The result is bold and exotic craft brews that showcase the creativity of Independence Brewers Justin Rizza and Michael Waters.

While beer is brewed with essentially four ingredients: hops, malt, water and yeast, most craft brews feature a variety of malts and hops orchestrated to produce the perfect flavor profile.  A Single Malt-Single Hop brew may sound unsophisticated, but Gold Deluxe  is anything but.  A Single Malt-Single Hop brew “was a chance to isolate flavors. There is genius in its simplicity,” says Michael Waters.

Maris Otter malt was created by the Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) in Cambridgeshire, England by Botanist GDH Bell.  PBI was located on Maris Street, and each of the strains developed in the series was named after an animal.  Maris Otter is revered not only by cultivators for its hardiness, but also by brewers for its efficiency and rich earthy flavor.

Sorachi Ace is a varietal of hop developed in Japan by Sapporo brewery.  Hops are used primarily to bitter beer and impart other interesting flavors and aromas.  In the case of Sorachi Ace, lemon zest and tropical fruit stand out in this exotic, unique hop.

About Independence Brewing Co.
Independence Brewing Co. was founded in Austin in 2004 by Amy and Rob Cartwright.  Over the past seven years the seasoned brewery has become a staple in Austin bars, restaurants and grocery stores.  Independence has developed a repertoire of favorite craft beers available year-round in bottles, from the easy drinking flagship Austin Amber to the dark, rich and roasty Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout. The more adventurous fans seek out the seasonal, draft-only selections like the Belgian farmhouse ale Saison and the limited Brewluminati series.

Brewluminati-Gold Deluxe


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